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Truth Concepts

Truth Concepts LogoCommunicate, educate and motivate with
Truth Concepts TM software.

Now advisors can provide highly informative and interactive discussions with their clients utilizing a comprehensive set of calculators designed to maximize prosperity economic strategies and improve understanding.

Software designed to do one thing: Maximize client education.

Truth ConceptsTM provides functional, user friendly programming to enhance communication between you, the advisor, and your clients. the solution is built around a growing suite of calculators that act as a "Visual Storyboard" to enable a transparent understanding about how money and wealth accumulation really work.

Truth ConceptsTM explore the effects of the costs as well as the gains in building wealth.

Truth ConceptsTM enable you to take clients through a range of discussions that include but are not limited to the effectiveness of qualified plans, buy term and invest the difference, the most efficient way to take income from an asset and how opportunity cost affects building wealth. The calculators offer your clients a point of view that enables them to get to the TRUTH so they can make good decisions about their money. The Truth ConceptsTM solution currently includes the following calculators:

  • Financial Calculators
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Loan Analysis
  • Borrowing Strategy
  • Achieving Maximum Potential
  • Automobile Purchases
  • Funding Illustration
  • Real estate Analysis

With Truth Training, Truth ConceptsTM provide the educational support you'll want to enhance your understanding, better employ the software for client presentations, and deepen your knowledge of the basic principles. They offer training classes on a regular basis. Check the website for dates and to register.

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Truth ConceptsTM invite you to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more about their software solutions.